About Us

Empowering Future of Entrepreneurs


DevTrex is an entrepreneurship and business program providing students opportunities to get involved in the business field. DevTrex is designed to maximize students’ potential and help them launch their very own startups. Our curriculum focuses on the building blocks of business, economics, finance, leadership, and networking skills, all of which are crucial components for a future career. We provide value by connecting people with industry professionals, successful entrepreneurs, reputable high school alumni, and students worldwide. Watch our monthly lessons on YouTube to get started on your journey to success.

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Our DevTrex curriculum is designed to teach the basics of business all the way up to the advanced level. Most of our lessons can be found on our YouTube page.



Join our upcoming workshop to enagage in fun activites and learn more about how business ties in with other industries revolving around us.



DevTrex Projects is a way for students to take the initiative and work towards an idea to better their community, assist a local business, or embark on their own venture.


Pitch Competitions

Students work in teams to develop startup ideas and pitch presentations to present to judges with extensive business experience.


2020 DevTrex Recap

With all our accomplishments and challenges that we faced, we were still able to make it through the year.